Monday, February 20, 2017

Whispers in the Wind - Nature Poetry Anthology

Whispers in the Wind
Whispers in the Wind is a nature poetry anthology that features works from poets around the world. Each of these poets brings something different to the anthology as they share their unique experiences, stories, and things they've witnessed that in some way relate to the theme nature. Whether you are a nature lover or not, these creations will surely leave an impression on you and will make for an enjoyable read.

This book is available on Lulu and will be available on Amazon soon.

Poets featured in the book are: Alex Hickey, Barbara Kasey Smith, Ben Desrosiers, Brian Avey, Connie Faust, Cynthia Pressley, Diane deHaan, Divya P.S. Rawat, DL Mullan, Ian Randall Wilson, Jane Noponen Perinacci, Jerry Pat Bolton,, Kenny Byrne, Lena Kovadlo, Liana Margiva, Louise Warren, Marcia Conover, Mary Ann Biddinger, Melissa R. Mendelson, Muhammad Mahdi, Regis Auffray, Ronald W. Hull, Samuel Lee, Sandra S. Corona, Shawn Chang, Shola Balogun, Stacy Savage, Susan Beth Furst, Suzie Palmer, Teresa Bellamy Walker.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Voices of the World - a poetry anthology

Voices of the World - a poetry anthology
Voices of the World - a poetry anthology is a collection of poetry from many talented poets from around the world, each with their own unique voices and styles, who share the same passion for this creative medium. As poets, they are all different, and yet they are all the same. Their passion for poetry knows no boundaries. 

Each poet featured in Voices of the World - a poetry anthology leaves himself/herself on the page, baring his/her soul. Each poetic creation offers a glimpse into the poet's individuality and writing style. The stories and experiences shared by each poet in the verses are filled with emotion and are sure to move readers in many ways, make them connect, inspire them, and leave a lasting impression. 

If you love poetry Voices of the World - a poetry anthology is a poetry collection worth reading and having on your bookshelves. There is something for everyone in the book. Come be a part of something spectacular. Get your copy of Voices of the World - a poetry anthology today! It's a great gift for yourself and your family and friends.

Where you can buy the book:
Barnes and Noble

Here are the poets who took part in the anthology: Ana Nedelcu, Asif Uzzaman, Barbara Kasey Smith, Ben Desrosiers, Connie Faust, David Lester Young, Diane deHaan, DL Mullan, DL Vegas, Donna Hale Chandler, Farha Naz, Gwendolyn Roscoe, Hafsa Cosmos, J. K. Roseline, Jane Noponen Perinacci, Jansen Estrup, Jasleen Kaur, Jena Ayro, Jim Dunlap, John Herlihy, Karen Elaine Mckeever, Kenny Byrne, Laura Decamara, Lena Kovadlo, Liana Margiva, Lori Maynard, Louise Warren, Mary Ann Biddinger, Mary E Lacey, Melissa R. Mendelson, Michael Flack, Michael James Kaiser, Michelle Close Mills, Muhammad Mahdi, Nicole Starr, Regis Auffray, Ronald W. Hull, Ruan Mills Burke, Sandra S. Corona, Sha'Tara, Sonny Siano Ellar, Syed Mohd Raza, Syeda Hidayat Fatima, Teresa Bellamy Walker, Thomasena Martin Johnson, Walt Hardester

Friday, March 25, 2016

Blacky Rinus by Nicole Chartrand

Blacky Rinus by Nicole Chartrand
Blacky Rinus is an illustrated children's book written by Nicole Chartrand and illustrated by Fatima Stamato and Addie Storm. It is the first book in the series. 

The story of Blacky Rinus (a rhinoceros) and his friends as they have fun adventures in the forest along with the colorful illustrations are  a real treat and are sure to delight young readers everywhere. 

If you are looking for a new book for your young ones this is the book to check out. It will also make a great gift for someone you know.

Check out Blacky Rinus on Amazon.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Reflections by Diane deHaan

Reflections by Diane deHaan
Reflections is Diane deHaan's debut poetry book. In this collection of poetry the author covers a variety of themes and topics that we can relate to in one way or another, some of which include love, friendship and loss. No matter what the author brings to life her poetic creations offer a reflection into her soul and leave a mark on the reader's heart.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of Reflections now is the time to do so. Get Reflections on Amazon.

Friday, September 25, 2015

HER by Michael James Kaiser

HER by Michael James Kaiser
HER is Michael James Kaiser's second book. It features poetry and lyrics that are an ode to women. Every creation deals with some aspect of love and will no doubt touch your heart in some way. There is beauty, happiness and warmth, longing and heartache, and everything in between that love brings forth. 

A beautiful and often lyrical flow makes the pieces even more memorable and enjoyable. It comes as no surprise then that a number of them have been turned into songs and recorded for all of us to hear. This is definitely a book worth reading and adding to your collection, especially since the album will soon be released. 

Tales and Whispers by Régis Auffray

Tales and Whispers by Régis Auffray
Tales and Whispers is Régis Auffray's fourth book. This one is a collection of short stories and personal quotes. 

The stories are quite interesting and will have you not want to put the book down. The only downside is that some stories are written in French, so if French is not something you are fluent in, you might have to skip those and move on to others. Even so, there are plenty of stories written in English for you to enjoy so don't stop yourself from getting the book because it has some French pieces in it. 

The personal quotes, all written in English, are beautiful, inspirational and leave a lasting impression on the reader. There is definitely some food for thought in what he writes. 

Right now the book is available exclusively at but will be available online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble soon. To peek inside the book and perhaps purchase a copy head here: Tales and Whispers.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Diary of a Crush by Lena Kovadlo

Diary of a Crush by Lena Kovadlo
Diary of a Crush is the fourth book written by Lena Kovadlo. This wonderful book features poetry, lyrics and prose on relationships, crushes, love and heartbreak that will resonate with you and move you in many ways. 

If you've ever had a crush, fallen in love, or head your heart broken Diary of a Crush is the book for you. It is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book. Pick up a copy today. 

An Unforgettable Journey by Lena Kovadlo

An Unforgettable Journey by Lena Kovadlo
An Unforgettable Journey is the ninth book written by Lena Kovadlo. The book features poetry, lyrics and prose on a variety of topics. Among these topics are happiness and sorrow, love and heartbreak, death, and personal struggles.

The moving pieces in this book, no matter the style, will connect with you because the author writes about things that we all go through and experience on our journey through life. It is all these experiences combined, whether they happen to be good ones or bad ones, that make our journey through life unforgettable.

Check out An Unforgettable Journey today! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wandering Wounds by James L. Finley

Wandering Wounds by James L. Finley
Wandering Wounds is a debut poetry book written by James L. Finley. The book covers a range of important issues that we come across at some point in our lives, whether personally or by witnessing others we know. Things that this talented poet writes about include alcoholism, addiction, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and illness. Mixed in with that are poems about heartbreak and love, relationships and the trials we face in life. 

James L. Finley is not only able to affect us with his words but he also leaves us with some food for thought. His poetry makes us feel a great deal but it doesn't overwhelm us at all.  

Some poets just write free-verse poetry because it is the easiest thing to do. James L. Finley doesn't do that. Among his free-verse poems are also poems written in different poetic styles, some we may not have even heard of before. Each one seems as if it was effortless for him to write. Whether or not it actually was we will never know but it doesn't matter. All that matters is the poems themselves, how they affect us, and what they mean to us. 

If you love poetry and love to read something of value that tackles important issues in today's society perhaps this is the book for you. To preview the book and perhaps get a copy for yourself visit Wandering Wounds on Amazon.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

To Be Me by Michael James Kaiser

To Be Me is Michael James Kaiser's debut poetry book, released in June of 2015. The book features Michael's poetic creations that are of course drawn from his personal experiences and hence the title chosen for the book seems a perfect fit. 

Doodles on napkins can in turn morph into poetic masterpieces and I think that is the case with Michael's creations.    

Each poem in the book is beautifully crafted and has just the right amount of emotion to tug at your heartstrings without being overwhelming.

Whatever poem you read you will find yourself drawn in, whether it'd be by its emotion or by the story it tells that will connect with you in some way. 

The flow of some of the pieces in the book is melodic and will probably make you want to take out your acoustic guitar or maybe a piano or keyboard and sing and play. And even if you don't play these instruments you may still be tempted to sing the words. 

Perhaps these melodic pieces are actual future hits. Perhaps we will come across videos on YouTube of someone playing the guitar, singing Michael's poems. Maybe it will even be Michael himself. You never know.   

If you want to peek inside the book and perhaps even purchase a copy you can find the book right here: To Be Me on Amazon.